One of the most challenging questions to ask yourself in regard to your current job is the question:


 Should I Stay Or Should I Go?


There are several situations where this is a particularly difficult question to answer:

You have been in the same job for a few years

You have been in the same organisation for a few years

Your current job feels a little too comfortable and familiar

In order to work out whether you should stay or go, start by asking yourself some initial questions to guide your thinking.

Are you still enjoying your job?

Does your workplace feel positive and supportive?

Is your workplace reasonably stable with no indication that major changes might be just around the corner?

Do you have a good boss who encourages you to try new things and supports your ongoing professional development?

If your answers are positive, these are all good reasons to stay. Why would you want to leave? If you still get out of bed in the morning and look forward to your working day ahead, then there’s no real reason to start looking further afield.

But sometimes, you can just start to feel a bit unsettled. Work has become a little too predictable, and it can feel like there’s no challenge anymore. Others start commenting on how long you’ve been in the job.

There comes a time in most jobs when you start to get that niggling feeling and ask yourself the question:


Should I Stay or Should I Go?

What might be good reasons to consider changing your job?

Enjoying the Work, But Bored with the Environment

Sometimes you might just want a change of scenery, especially if you’ve been in the same place for a long time.

Need for More Stretch

You could be looking for the opportunity to take on new challenges and learn new things.

Your Situation has Changed

Personal circumstances can often lead to a new perspective on work and how it fits in with your overall life.

The Organisation Itself Has Changed

Significant change in an organisation can lead to a change in overall culture and values. You might find that the ‘Fit’ for you is not quite the same anymore. 

You’re Ready to Jump to More Significant Roles

You want more responsibility.

You’re Ready to Let Go of Some Responsibility

You sometimes have to change organisations in order to decrease your responsibilities.

You Want to Try Something Completely Different

A new career seems like an attractive option.

These are all reasons that have motivated many of my clients to book in for coaching to explore the, ‘Should I Stay or Should I go?’ question.

Finding the right answer can be a challenge. It’s not always straightforward. In the next few blogs, I will explore a variety of ways to help you work it out, and some questions to guide your thinking.

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