You might be in a job where things are going well, and you feel reasonably secure.


  • What if things change?
  • What if your organisation restructures and you need to apply for positions with job descriptions that are different to the one you currently have?
  • Or worse still, what if you are ‘let go’?

You need to be prepared for surprises that you won’t see coming. And you need to be prepared in case your dream job is advertised. The ‘No. 1’ thing you can do right now to prepare for any change that might occur, is to review your CV. If you already have a CV, take a look at it and ask yourself:

  • Is it in a format that will serve you well if you need to use it tomorrow?
  • Is your information up to date?
  • Does your ‘Skills’ section give a true representation of the value you might bring to any future role?
Janet Tuck

Janet Tuck

Career Managment Specialist

M: +64 21 526 387

April is CV Month at Career Clinic

This is a great opportunity for you to pull out your current CV, dust it off, and book in for a CV Review. In this one-hour session, I will review your CV and explain the changes you need to make so you have a Winning CV. After the session, you will receive a Summary Checklist of the key points giving you a list of the things you need to do to make your CV stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

To make it easy for you, you can book this session as either a face-to-face meeting or via Skype.

And as an incentive, if your CV gets a tick for every item on my checklist, and I can’t find anything you need to do to improve it, I will refund you the cost of the session.
That sounds like a no-brainer to me.

Call me now to book in for your CV Review.

You never know when you’ll need it!


This is the first blog in the CV series. Keep an eye out for my next blog about 4 big mistakes people make on their CVs.

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