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Career Clinic provides a range of unique services and programmes for clients who want to make good career decisions. The coaching helps each client understand their situation clearly, and plan the steps needed to confidently develop the career they want.

Janet Tuck has been working in the career industry for over 12 years. She has helped many clients from different ages and stages to think deeply and strategically about their work and careers. She has extensive experience in career coaching through transition, change management, job search strategy, interview technique, and CVs.

She also works in organisations providing coaching and training at all levels. As a recognised Career Specialist she brings up-to-date and innovative thinking to help with engagement, development and retention initiatives. This is relevant for organisations in transition, where her workshops, keynotes, and facilitated conversations are seen as making a real difference. Clients enjoy her practical approach, and her ability to customise to meet specific requirements.

 Janet Tuck

Janet Tuck

Career Specialist, Director of Career Clinic

MMgt, BEd, DipTchg, Grad Cert Career Development, Professional Member of CDANZ, Accredited Administrator of DISC Instruments.

Janet Tuck

My Story

I have always tried to understand what makes people tick, how they can be effective, and then work out ways to help them be true to who they are. Starting with a teaching background and then managing a small business and working in a variety of community based groups, I discovered that I’m a ‘big-picture’ thinker. I enjoy working alongside people and in organisations in a strategic way. My aim is always to help people be the best they can be.

I’m now based on the North Shore in Auckland, but I’ve lived all over New Zealand and in Hong Kong. I loved living in Asia, meeting a wide variety of people, and experiencing the wonderful sights and sounds. I also had the privilege of mentoring several people. They were all committed to a process that resulted in them making significant transitions in their careers and in business as a result of this work. I saw how powerful and strategic a coaching relationship can be and the difference it can make.

On returning to Auckland, I began to redefine my own career aspirations with encouragement from friends and family and started to focus on my own strengths and doing more of what I had seen was effective. I spent several years building my career focussed development and coaching skills, completing studies in business management, strategic governance, and career development.

It has taken a bit of trial and error to build a business that gives clients a customised and quality service, and products that equip people with the tools and skills that they can use to take ownership of their careers. But I believe Career Clinic services and processes do just that.

Why I Do What I do

My own career journey has not been straight forward. I have experienced first-hand the frustrations and challenges that come from not knowing what to do, and being unhappy with work situations. I understand the challenges of the modern workplace because I’ve been through the ‘trial and error’ stage myself. Which is why I am now committed to helping others work out how to make the best possible choices for themselves, and lead fulfilling lives.

I believe that people can get satisfaction from their work and give of their best. Career-focussed strategy and development opportunities are one of the most effective ways to ensure that this happens.

I Am Committed To:

  • Helping Individual clients make good career decisions with the use of up-to-date, client-focused services, programmes & tools
  • Working with Organisations to provide sound development and engagement opportunities for their people so they can be successful
  • Addressing real issues using proven methods to deliver genuine change and growth
  • Encouraging the practical application of information so that clients are equipped with skills that they can use throughout their working lives
  • Customising services wherever possible to meet the unique needs of each client
  • Maintaining a face-to-face, personalised component within each programme

Education and Memberships

MMgt, BEd, Dip Tchg, Grad Cert Career Development.

Accredited provider of a range of the TTI Success Insight® Suite of Organisational Development tools, measuring behaviour style, motivators (values) and emotional intelligence.

Professional member of CDANZ (Career Development Association, NZ)

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Taking bold career steps can feel lonely and challenging.  If you get knocked back, it can be hard to know why or what to do next.  Janet provided support and assistance in developing a career plan and a refreshed CV. My confidence was bolstered and I took away a ‘can-do’ attitude as a result of our sessions. The things that we discussed have become part of my encouraging self-talk as I have moved along the career path we mapped out. I would encourage others to take up a career planning programme with Janet.


Clear, concise, practical and refreshing. Time well spent.


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