Should I Stay Or Should I Go? – Part 2


Other people can often plant seeds of discontent about your current job, when none actually exists. They might simply ask: ‘Are you STILL in that same job?’. This one small question can send you off on a train of thought that has the potential to either validate your current job, or have you wondering if it’s time to move to something new.

Either way, if the question gets your attention, then it’s worth asking yourself the initial questions I outlined in the previous blog:

Are you still enjoying your job?

Does your workplace feel positive and supportive?

Is your workplace reasonably stable with no indication that major changes might be just around the corner?

Do you have a good boss who encourages you to try new things and supports your ongoing professional development?

You might be someone who is easily influenced by the comments of others.  You’ll know if this is something you tend to do. If there’s no good reason for you to leave your job, then the best strategy is to probably dismiss the question and tell the person how good your current job is and how much you are enjoying it. Learning how to brush off these kind of comments can be very helpful.

However, in some situations, ‘Are You STILL in the Same Job?’ can act as a catalyst to get you moving when you’ve got too comfortable in your current job, or your organisation. It’s sometimes easy to simply settle in a job, when you could or should be developing your career further.

Either way, you are the one who needs to make the decision about whether you should stay or go. And you are the one who needs to weigh up the options about what is actually best for you. If your current job is working for you, you should be able to give some convincing reasons why. And if you decide to go, you should have some equally convincing reasons.

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The next Blog will explore whether the ‘Carrot’ can be good enough to make you go

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