Discover more about behaviour, values, drivers and EQ

Assessments and profiling tools provide you and your organisation with a significant amount of valuable insight. They are also increasingly used in the recruitment process.

We use a variety of highly practical, research-based tools and assessments to benefit people and organisations. Janet is an accredited provider of the TTI Success Insights® Suite of Organisational Development tools. These “multi-science” assessments provide insights into:

  • HOW a person prefers to behave and communicate – using DISC
  • WHY a person takes action – using Workplace Motivators
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and workplace application

This information can be integrated into any of our programmes and applied so that change can be managed in the most effective way, whether that’s in improving communication, career development or developing teams.

There are many benefits and applications with the use of these tools.

  • Support with career development and role transition
  • Coaching leaders and managers
  • Building and developing teams
  • Managing retention and engagement
  • Improving workplace communication
  • Understanding organisational culture and job fit
  • Validate and improve the recruitment process
  • During organisational change

Our experienced consultant will help you understand your results and work with you or your organisation so that you can use the insights to your advantage.

These services are available with one to one debriefs, facilitated workshops, and can include individual and team reports.

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I was at a real cross road in my career. I was sent to see Janet who helped me work out my most enjoyable skills, values and interests. By the end of the process, I was clear about [my] direction.


Janet is an expert in her field, I feel that she brings a very high integrity when working with me and this gives me the opportunity to explore my next steps with a lot of freedom and creativity.


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