Develop your team for business growth

Career management and workplace coaching build capability in your team, and ensure they develop skills that align with your strategic objectives.

Career Clinic can provide individual coaching through to the development of a customised organisation-wide capability programme. Your people will gain the skills they need to be most effective in their roles. Organisational requirements frequently include:

  • Workplace coaching for individuals or teams
  • Development and delivery of career development programmes
  • Reviews of existing programmes
  • Skills and needs audits
  • Training managers for career conversations
  • Identification of people for succession to key positions
  • Women’s leadership development & capacity building
  • Resilience coaching and workshops
  • Transition management and coaching
Develop your team for business growth

When you invest in skills development for your people, you can expect greater productivity and profitability. That’s not just because of their enhanced capability, it’s also a result of their increased engagement and commitment to your organisation.

Organisations typically approach us because:

  • They want to improve their career development process
  • They have managers who want training in career conversations
  • Retention has become an issue and motivation and engagement are in question
  • They are undergoing a significant change process
  • They wish to move on some employees
  • Women are underrepresented at management levels
  • They are bringing new team members on board
  • They see wellbeing as a priority

We understand the issues as well as the market place. Our expertise can help you reposition your team for optimal performance and growth.

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Janet is an energetic, dynamic and intelligent leader. She empowers, encourages and is respected for her wisdom, sensitivity and integrity. I wholeheartedly endorse her.


Incredibly helpful approach. Totally hit the mark and helped the group break through a potentially overwhelming situation, getting us moving forward and in control.


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