Help to make better career decisions

It’s your career and getting help just makes sense. Career Clinic offers a wide range of career services and coaching options to help you fast track success and overcome the things that hold you back.

Career Coaching

  • Clarify your career direction
  • Understand yourself & what you have to offer
  • Work out your best next steps
  • Plan to make it happen
Job Search Strategy and Marketing Tools

Job Search Strategy & Marketing Tools

  • Plan your strategy
  • Create an effective CV & Cover Letter
  • Tips for using LinkedIn
  • Get up-to-date job market insights
  • Post-redundancy programme
Interview Coaching

Interview Coaching

  • Top tips for success
  • What & how to prepare
  • Practice presenting well
  • Master question answering
  • Gain confidence with mock interviews
Understand yourself better Work out your goals & options

Students & Graduates

  • Understand yourself better
  • Work out your goals & options
  • Plan your next steps
  • Learn about the job market
  • Practical tools & tips to make decisions
  • Learn how to market yourself

Leadership Careers & Strategy

  • Strategic career strategy development
  • Understand your branding & market positioning
  • Identify your leadership capabilities
  • Tailored coaching programmes

Assessments & Profiles

  • Personality, Behavioural & EQ assessements
  • Results are integrated into your programmes
  • Understand what drives your career decisions, communication, workplace culture

Sometimes you simply want a plan that fits:

  • Who you are
  • What you want
  • How you’re going to get there.

Our qualified career specialist will help you make it happen! Call now.

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I was at a cross road in my career.  In the first meeting, I was able to identify my key skills, values and interests which later helped me find my dream job.


Janet helped me to see my skills, recognise my aptitudes and took me through my CV to highlight my achievements for what they really were – substantial! Empowering & enjoyable.


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