Sharpen your Interview Techniques

Preparation is key to a successful interview. Our Interview Coaching will thoroughly prepare you for your Interview so you stand a far better chance of being the one who is hired.

A Career Clinic coaching session will help you maximise your performance in a job interview with coaching in these four key areas.

  • How to present yourself well
  • How to manage the non-verbal aspects of an interview
  • The kind of questions you can expect to be asked
  • How to answer in a confident and authentic way

One simple rule:

The more you practice, the easier the interview will go. Your coaching session will include an opportunity to practice the things you have learnt, and receive immediate feedback.

Sharpen your Interview Techniques preparation is key to a successful interview. Interview Coaching will prepare you so you stand a chance of being hired.

Whether you’re regularly going to interviews or haven’t had one in a long time, Janet can teach you what to expect and the tips you personally need to present at your very best.

Plus, you’ll find out the ‘all important’ procedure to follow after a job interview.

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I was at a cross road in my career. In the first meeting, I was able to identify my key skills, values and interests which later helped me find my dream job.


You helped me to consolidate my thoughts and work out how to best utilize my strengths. I would recommend your business to anyone thinking about what they want to do next.


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