Part 3: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Have you ever been made an offer that has caused you to sit back and think seriously about your options and whether you should accept it and go, or stay where you are? These kinds of offers are often initiated by others in order to get you to make some kind of change. They can crop up in a variety of guises:

  • An offer for you to take voluntary redundancy
  • The offer of an attractive sounding job from another organisation
  • An offer of a role in a different section within your current organisation
  • The offer of a completely different job from someone you know

There is usually some kind of incentive attached to these offers: a monetary payout, an increase in salary, a more senior position. They can present you with an interesting challenge and might look like a ‘Carrot’ and get your attention. They might make you wonder about possibilities and opportunities.

But What Do You Do About Them?    How Do You Weigh Up Your Options?

I’m a big believer in happenstance in relation to career opportunities. Happenstance is defined as: “A chance or a chance situation, especially one producing a good result” (Cambridge Dictionary). Many successful career journeys have really taken off as the result of chance opportunities. Sometimes,  ‘Carrot-type’ offers mentioned above can often lead to some very good outcomes.

I have seen many situations when something appears from left-field in each of the guises identified above and turns out to be successful for a person. These things can change the course of a person’s career and sometimes their life. They can open new doors, or simply revitalise a person’s perspective about their current job and career.

People who recognise genuine opportunities when they pop up, and then have the courage to explore them are more likely to find something that could work out.

However, I have also seen people who have been very disappointed because they have been too willing to be easily enticed by whatever pops up. These are generally people who don’t have a solid process they can use to assess what is being offered.

How to Deal with ‘Carrots’

A good starting point is to refer back to the first Should I Stay Or Should I Go Blog for a list of good reasons why you should consider changing. 

When you think about a ‘Carrot-type’ offer, the key is not to think: “This looks really too good to miss”. If you start out by thinking that, then you are more likely to talk yourself into it. 

We all know that if something looks too good to be true, it often is.

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This is Part 3 in the Should I Stay or Should I Go? series. 

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